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01 Feb 2008

il Cardinale Ranieri di Ostia e la chiesa di Rieti

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  The reformation of 1259 was a response to and a reaction against an earlier reformation. As early as the pontificate of Honorius III an effort had been made to divide the chapter’s mensa from the bishop’s mensa . Disagreements about the division of income between bishop and chapter, however, continued to be disturbing particularly, evidently, during the episcopate of Bishop Giovanni. In 1238 bishop and chapter were required to send to the papal curia suitably instructed persons prepared to make composition with the other party’s representative to resolve recent disputes between the two over division of property; in the following month the chapter commissioned four proctors. In June, in spite of some chapter objections to detail, Gregory IX supported a resolution to the difficulties which had been proposed by Rainerio cardinal bishop of Ostia, who had been commissioned to investigate and act in this matter. All of that part of the income of the church of Rieti which had previously been treated as common income was to be divided into four parts, three for the chapter, one for the bishop. The bishop’s purely episcopal and jurisdictional rights were to remain intact. Procurations to papal legates and nuncios were to be shared equally by bishop and chapter. The composition was to be put into effect by the bishop of Terni. The chapter continued to object, and the pope made some modifications in detail, but in August 1238 he wrote a letter to the by then executor, the bishop of Spoleto, which maintained the general principles of the composition.

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